Accelerated International Forwarders was incorporated in 1999. 
Our sole purpose is to move personal effects and commodities – across the continent, around the world. We handle freight forwarding and relocation for a variety of markets, too.

In keeping with our long-established operating philosophy, we tend to move into a new market slowly, making sure beforehand that we can handle it expertly.

We are, however, relentlessly aggressive in expanding the scope of our services. Superior customer service is a priority with us. So too is fair, competitive pricing.

We like efficiency. And we’re able to offer it because, unlike the standard, “big bureaucracy” moving companies, we operate “mean and lean.” We have no corporate jets, no corporate expense accounts, no corporate bonuses. Our total staff comes to just 35 people, experts all. And they’re all we need.

We do invest in software programs and new processes. These help us maintain our efficiency year after year. And we constantly reinvest capital in our company for the purpose of improving it.

Short-term thinking doesn’t hinder us. Nor do we ever give in to the notion that something “just can’t be done.” We think outside the box. And, more often than not, we find ways to do the impossible.

Diversification excites us. But, having said that, we never want to lose our commitment to “one customer – one move.”  Our customers will never become numbers to us.

If that’s the attitude you want backing your next move, contact Accelerated International Forwarders.